- Registration to automotive portals
- Compilation and forwarding of documents
- Activation of the Workshop Code
- Hardware supply
- Software installation
- Remote assistance and On-Site

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Passthru or Official Hardware 


Our advice before embarking on this new path is to "analyze"
within your company, what are the flows of the Automotive Brands that most frequent your garage.
Before each choice it is necessary to analyze the "cost-benefit" ratio.

Our diagnostic solutions are the result of a careful technical consultancy by our team, evaluating and offering the best service according to your needs.

The Internet offers various buying possibilities, our investment is YOUR training.
Only the experience and sharing of it will lead you to success.

Need more information?

Our dedicated Trolley 

complete with everything you need

- Laptop 

- Laser Printer

- Power Charger 100Ah

- Cables

- Accessories


* certified and approved components